100Gbit Layer 2 Fibre

With our Bayswater Business Precinct Fibre Connect POC, we are creating the fastest fibre network in Australia

Empowering Partners

We are committed to empowering our Retail Service Providers (RSPs) with the technology required to thrive

More Than Networks

With wholesale fast fibre services provided by Micron21 Telecommunications, we aim to help our RSPs meet all their IT needs

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Long-Term Partnerships

Here at Micron21 Telecommunications we’re looking to build long-term relationships with our RSPs. We don’t just aim to help them meet their telecommunication needs, but also look to provide technology and technical advice on how best to meet and navigate the unique challenges they face.

Australia’s fastest and most affordable network

In order to help our RSPs achieve the benefits of high-speed connectivity to local Bays Water businesses, we are deploying Australia’s fastest and most affordable network as a Proof of Concept (POC) in Kilsyth (Maroondah City Council) between Liverpool road and Colchester road.  The network will boast speeds in excess of 100 Gbps per premise when completed and will come with the unique ability to set up direct business-to-business private networks at no additional charge.

Initial speeds offered will be up to 100Gbps.  However, as things ramp up, the network will be capable of speeds much faster than that.  Theoretically, it is possible to deliver a whopping 6400Gbps – that’s 64,000 times faster than the current technology!

World-Class DDoS Protection

Our world class Wholesale DDoS mitigation platform is purpose-built for Australian operations to achieve data sovereignty and low latency. Micron21 protects our RSPs with industry leading Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions. We take a comprehensive approach to mitigating denial of service attacks. DDoS/mitigation protection employs multiple layers of physical hardware to inspect, scan and filter traffic at the packet layer.

We protect global enterprise networks and government services by providing low-latency close-to-source DDoS mitigation.

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Wireless Solutions

As well as our direct fibre offerings, our RSPs can also utilise our Wireless 5G services to connect to their cloud-based services.

Dark Fibre

The Micron21 Dark Fibre offering is designed to interconnect major multi-tenant Melbourne data centres, providing direct private access to the security, speed and flexibility of the network.

Global Network

We operate the second largest peered network in Australia and connect globally with over 1900 networks.

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