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Service and Support

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Customer Care that starts with 24/7 support.

Micron21 provides a comprehensive approach to customer care that starts with a base 24/7 support that is included free with every service we offer.  When comparing us to other wholesale providers, be sure to check the fine print.  There are no charges to enjoy a basic level of support with Micron21 and you are not restricted in how you contact us to receive assistance any time of day or night.

Our offerings are designed to completely remove the complexity of wholesale IT management. Whether this involves taking full responsibility for the entire infrastructure or tailoring a custom approach to meet specific business needs, we have the service capability and the expertise know-how.


Service Levels

With some of the most redundant power, cooling, and network infrastructure in Australia, we provide a commitment to uninterrupted service.

Any contracted service provided by Micron21 Telecommunications – whether hosted, virtual, or physical – will be guaranteed a 99.9% uptime. Our standard Service Level Agreement warrants that if a service is down, and drops below 99.9% uptime, we rebate 5% of the cost of the affected service per hour it is interrupted, up to 20 hours per calendar month.


The Micron21 Enterprise Service Level Agreement

In addition to providing all wholesale customers with 99.9% uptime guarantees, we offer a stricter service level agreement.

The Micron21 Enterprise Wholesale SLA provides faster response times and even less allowance for service interruption.