100Gbit High-Speed Fibre Layer 2

Bayswater Business Precinct Fibre Connect – POC

The Bayswater Business Precinct spans across three local governments (Yarra Ranges Council, Knox City Council and Maroondah City Council), represents a $16 billion-dollar local economy and is the second largest manufacturing zoned area in Victoria. A survey conducted by the BBP team in 2020 pre-COVID found the number one issue within was the lack of public transport and the second largest issue for business owners with the lack of high-speed digital communication. However, post lockdown, the urgency of a better high-speed, cost-effective digital communication has forced digital communications to become the priority due to the drastic shift to online communication created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, it is now even more important to ensure that fast and cost-effective digital communication is provided to local businesses to help them thrive in a digital world. To this end, Micron21 Telecommunication Pty Ltd a local wholesale telecommunication company based in Kilsyth, has worked with the Bayswater Business Precinct and local councils to build a dedicated 100 Gbit communication network between Colchester Road and Liverpool Road as a proof of concept within Maroondah City Council.

The aim is to provide the latest telecommunication platform to accelerate business into the future and create the most highly connected business precinct in Australia. This investment is critical to the success and growth of local business. The network which is now operational allows each and every business that adopts the platform with speeds 1000 times faster than the current technology available within the local area.

This new wholesale network enables all businesses located on the south side of Canterbury road between Liverpool and Colchester road access to the Micron21 BBP Connect fibre network.

This new backbone wholesale network, was built under the telecommunication act of 1997 by local licensed carrier Micron21 Telecommunications and is now available to be accessed by RSPs.

Wholesale Monthly UNI Pricing (Customer End)

Wholesale Layer 2
Speed – CIR Contention Ratio Default Supplied NTU Wholesale Data Pool Wholesale SLA Wholesale Activation Cost Wholesale Monthly Price
          36 Months   
Usage Per Month GB Symmetrical        Ex GST Ex GST
250 GB 1, 10, 25 or 100 Gbit 1:1 1 G Yes Yes $450.00 $72.00
1000 GB 1, 10, 25 or 100 Gbit 1:1 1 G Yes Yes $450.00 $105.60
2000 GB 1, 10, 25 or 100 Gbit 1:1 1 G Yes Yes $450.00 $160.00
4000 GB 1, 10, 25 or 100 Gbit 1:1 1 G Yes Yes $450.00 $287.00
6000 GB 1, 10, 25 or 100 Gbit 1:1 1 G Yes Yes $450.00 $360.00
Un Metered 1 Gbit 1:1 1 G No Yes $0.00 $520.00
Un Metered 10 Gbit 1:1 10 G No Yes $0.00 $1,120.00
Un Metered 25 Gbit 1:1 25 G No Yes $0.00 $1,440.00
Un Metered 100 Gbit 1:1 100 G No Yes $0.00 $2,000.00
Excess GB above data pool           $0.09

Usage base services (per GB) are pooled across all BBP services an RSP orders. Excess Data is charged for any usage above the committed level. Usage data is calculated as the sum of both inbound and outbound data from all RSP usage based  services during each month.

Usage based services can be upgraded to Un Metered services at any time for a minimum term of 12 months.

The default activation contract period for each UNI is 36 months.

12 and 24 month activations also available ($4500 ex GST for 12 months and $2500 ex GST for 24 months)

Usage based services can be upgraded from a 1G NTU to a faster NTU (10G 25G or100G) as a once off cost as long as the service has a minimum of 12 months contract remaining. The monthly UNI service charge for all usage based services remain the same regardless of the connection NTU speed.

10G NTU Upgrade 25G NTU Upgrade 100G NTU Upgrade
Wholesale 10G Upgrade Wholesale 25G Upgrade Wholesale 100G Upgrade
 $800.00  $2,600.00  $3,500.00

NB – Due to current NTU supply chain issues upgraded hardware can take 4 to 10 weeks to provision, depending on stock availability.

Wholesale Monthly NMI Pricing (Head End)

Order a NMI Head End Connection at major Melbourne CBD Data Centres directly into the BBP network and or connect directly within the Micron21 Kilsyth Datacentre.

Wholesale Layer 2
NMI (Head End Access Port)
Port Speed Speed – CIR Wholesale Monthly Price
NMI Option A (CBD)     Ex GST
Head End Access Port      
Next DC M1 / Equinix ME1 / Vocus 530 1G Port LX 1 Gbit  $400.00
  10G Port LR 2.5 Gbit  $750.00
  10G Port LR 5 Gbit  $1,200.00
  10G Port LR 10 Gbit  $2,000.00
NMI Option B (Kilsyth)      
Head End Access Port      
Kilsyth MELB 01 Datacentre 1G Port LX 1 Gbit  $150.00
  10G Port LR 10 Gbit  $350.00
  25G Port LR 25 Gbit  $550.00
  100G Port ER4 100 Gbit  $2,000.00
A minimum of 1 NMI port is required to provide services on the BBP Network, multiply NMI Ports can be purchased as a LACP between two different aggregation services available either at the same location of between different physical locations for redundancy and or extra capacity. To order 100gbit UNI services you must have at least one 100gbit NMI port. 25G LR and 100G ER4 NMI Ports are available within the CBD please contract Micron21 for more information.

Wholesale SLA

Micron21 Telecommunications offers a range of Wholesale Service Level Schedule’s (SLA) to RSPs which can be tailored to each specific connection. More information can be found here.

Coverage Area – BBP – POC

The Micron21 BBP POC area covers commercial properties located between Colchester Road and Liverpool Road on the south side of Canterbury Road within Maroondah City Council.