Wholesale SLA


Service Level Schedule

The following service levels outline Micron21 Telecommunications objectives and targets through out the end customer lifecycle.

End Customer Connections

Micron21 will connect all end customers within 20 business days from a valid RSP request for a standard connection. Additional charges may be required for non standard connections that are deemed to exceed 150 metres from the point of connection to the building. Micron21 commits to achieving connections within 95% of the stated objective.

End Customer Activations & Disconnections

Where a service has been previously connected, Micron21 commits to a 5 business day objective to activate or disconnect a service for an end customer.


Service Rectification

The following table identifies the relevant service levels for a service fault response and rectification.

Operational Hours Response Time Restoration Time
8am – 5pm 30 mins End of Next Business Day
5pm – 8am 60 mins End of Next Business Day

Response Time: The time taken by a Micron21 support
agent to respond and acknowledge the request from an RSP.

Restoration Time: The time taken by Micron21 to fix a
fault and restore services to the end customer. This excludes Force Majeure and
faults that are outside the control of Micron21.

Enhanced Service Rectification

Micron21 also offers enhanced restoration targets for RSPs as a fee for service. This fee is based on a monthly recurring charge.

SLA Restoration Time Wholesale Monthly Price
    Ex GST
Enhanced-12 12 Business Hours $15.00
Enhanced -12 (24/7) 12 Hours $40.00
Enhanced-8 8 Business Hours $25.00
Enhanced -8 (24/7) 8 Hours $55.00
Network Availability – Layer 2

Micron21 will aim to achieve network layer 2 availability of 99.90% for all BBP Fibre services. This will be calculated as follows:

(Measurement Interval – Unavailable Time) / Measurement Interval x 100

Measurement Interval:  This refers to the total number of minutes that Micron21 has agreed to provide is BBP Fibre service in a specific month. This excludes all planned outages as notified to the RSP.


Unavailable Time: This refers to the total number of minutes in a specific month where connectivity between the end customer and Micron21 network terminating units is lost by way of a service fault.